Young Culture - Young Culture (Vinyl) (AE)

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About this product

This is a vinyl LP pressing of Young Culture self-titled. The Albany, NY alternative-rockers Young Culture's self-titled debut LP encompasses the struggles of trying to find your way in your early 20s. With familiar themes of young love, the highs and lows of friendship and struggles with mental health, Young Culture has created not only a highly relatable album, but a lively group of songs to jump around and sing along to. This dynamic self-titled release takes influence from hip-hop, country, hardcore, and alternative rock genres, all of which seamlessly blend the diverse backgrounds and styles of each member of the group. Co-produced by Sam Guiana and Anton DeLost with long nights fueled by cheap wine, Young Culture put their heart and soul into the recording of this record. If there's one thing Young Culture wants fans to take away from this release, it's that this is Young Culture. The group delves into many different musical genres and techniques, and they believe that this album is the best representation of them as a group. If a new listener is looking to explore the sounds of Young Culture, this will be the album to do so.

Label: Equal Vision Records

Release Year: 2022

Track List: 

  1. Bloodthin 
  2. Compass 
  3. Anywhere I Go, I'm Taking You With Me 
  4. Holiday In Vegas 
  5. I'll Be There 
  6. Better Off As Friends 
  7. Hailey Beverly 2016 
  8. Fantasy 
  9. American Idle 
  10. Laylo
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