Oasis Nocturno - Tokimonsta (Vinyl)

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About this product

This is a double vinyl LP pressing of Oasis Nocturno by Tokimonsta. The Grammy-nominated producer/DJ released her seventh studio album on May 14, 2021, through Young Art Records. She was diagnosed with a rare disease known as Moyamoya, leaving her post-surgery unable to speak, create or even listen to music. Through perseverance and faith, she's creating music again with an unshakable sense of focus. Oasis Nocturno is set to be her 10th release in ten years and is guaranteed to be her most impactful yet.

Label: Young Art Records

Release Year: 2021

Track List:

  1. Love That Never
  2. One Day (feat. Bibi Bourelly and Jean Deaux)
  3. Get Me Some (feat. Drew Love and Dumbfoundead)
  4. Renter's Anthem
  5. Up and Out
  6. Fried for the Night (feat. EARTHGANG)
  7. Phases (feat. Sunni Colón)
  8. Come and Go (feat. VanJess)
  9. To be Remote
  10. House of Dal
  11. Higher Hopes (feat. Rosehardt)
  12. For My Eternal, Oh Dream My Treasure
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