H.A.Q.Q. - Liturgy (Vinyl)

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About this product

This is a vinyl pressing of H.A.Q.Q, the fourth studio album by transcendental black metal band Liturgy. Featuring their characteristic yearning guitar harmonies, epic song structures, and intense drumming, H.A.Q.Q. boils over with harp, piano, gagaku ensemble, pitched percussion, strings, and digital manipulation. It represents a consolidation of the band’s sound to date, a combination of the mathematical complexity of 2011’s Aesthethica and the glitchy experimental fervour of 2015’s The Ark Work. 

Label: Ylylcyn

Release Year: 2020

Track List:

  1. Hajj
  2. Exaco I
  3. Virginity
  4. Pasaqalia
  5. Exaco II
  6. God Of Love
  7. Exaco III
  8. HAQQ
  9. . . . .
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