Fix Yourself, Not the World - The Wombats (Cassette) (LD)

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About this product

This is a cassette tape pressing of Fix Yourself, Not the World by The Wombats. The British rock band released their fifth studio album on January 14, 2022, via AWAL Records. The band has explored new genres and pushed themselves further than ever musically with this record. Recording an album separately from three cities around the world during a world pandemic, makes this record stand out in many ways for both the band and the audience. The album peaked at No. 1 on UK Album Charts and UK Independent Album Charts.

Label: The Wombats

Release Year: 2022

Track List: 

  1. Flip Me Upside Down 
  2. This Car Drives All By Itself 
  3. If You Ever Leave I'm Coming With You 
  4. Ready For The High 
  5. Method To The Madness 
  6. People Don't Change People, Time Does 
  7. Everything I Love Is Going To Die 
  8. Work Is Easy, Life Is Hard 
  9. Wildfire 
  10. Don't Poke The Bear 
  11. Worry 
  12. Fix Yourself, Then The World
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