Distant Dancefloor - Kaye (Vinyl) (BD)

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About this product

This is a vinyl LP pressing of Distant Dancefloor by Kaye. Having played a key role within the fabric of the label since its inception, Singaporean label Darker Than Wax are very proud to present “Distant Dancefloor”, the debut album from original family member Kaye. Kaye expertly crafts eight cuts of no-nonsense dancefloor heaters, pulling no punches as he channels his love of Jazz chords and club shaking sounds into one cohesive and irresistible package. The first single ‘Right For Me’ dives headfirst into proceedings, with chopped vocal samples punctuating a driving rhythm section, punctuated by soaring synth strings. Second single ‘All I Need’ sees icy synth stabs plunging into a deep sea of percussive sounds as captivating keys melody weaves itself through the track’s roots. Sharing the stage are remixes by Jun Kamoda, Cain and Ricky Razu, flipping the originals to almost unrecognizable beasts in their own right. The deeply swung drums, off-kilter chord progressions and astral textures of ‘Distant Dancefloors' meld together into a heady brew intensifying the lament for lost moments of nocturnal transcendence, which were so notably missing from the past year.

Label: Darker Than Wax

Release Year: 2021

Track List:

  1. Right For Me
  2. All I Need
  3. Pastures
  4. Sussy
  5. Buno
  6. All I Need (Jun Kamoda Remix)
  7. Pastures (Coin Remix)
  8. Sussy (Ricky Razu Remix)
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