Be Here Now - Oasis (Vinyl)

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About this product

This is a double heavyweight vinyl LP pressing (including digital download, rarities and b-side bonus content) of Be Here Now, the digitally remastered and expanded edition of the third studio album from legendary British band, Oasis. 

Label: Big Brother Recordin

Release Year: 2016

Track List:

  1. Disc 1
  2. D'you Know What I Mean?
  3. My Big Mouth
  4. Magic Pie
  5. Stand By Me
  6. I Hope, I Think, I Know
  7. The Girl in the Dirty Shirt
  8. Fade In-Out
  9. Don't Go Away
  10. Be Here Now
  11. All Around the World
  12. It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
  13. All Around the World (Reprise)

Disc 2

  1. Stay Young
  2. The Fame
  3. Flashbax
  4. (I Got) the Fever
  5. My Sister Lover
  6. Going Nowhere
  7. Stand By Me (Live at Bonehead's Outtake)
  8. Untitled (Demo)
  9. Help! (Live in la)
  10. Setting Sun (Live Radio Broadcast)
  11. If We Shadows (Demo)
  12. Don't Go Away (Demo)
  13. My Big Mouth (Live at Knebworth Park)
  14. D'you Know What I Mean? (NG's 2016 Rethink)

Disc 3

  1. Mustique Demos - D'you Know What I Mean? (Mustique Demo)
  2. My Big Mouth (Mustique Demo)
  3. My Sister Lover (Mustique Demo)
  4. Stand By Me (Mustique Demo)
  5. I Hope, I Think, I Know (Mustique Demo)
  6. The Girl in the Dirty
  7. Shirt (Mustique Demo)
  8. Don't Go Away (Mustique Demo)
  9. Trip Inside (Be Here Now) (Mustique Demo)
  10. Fade In-Out (Mustique Demo)
  11. Stay Young (Mustique Demo)
  12. Angel Child (Mustique Demo)
  13. The Fame (Mustique Demo)
  14. All Around the World (Mustique Demo)
  15. It's Gettin' Better (Man!!) (Mustique Demo)
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