Kofu - Meitei (Vinyl)

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About this product

This is a vinyl LP pressing of Kofu by Meitei. With 'Kofū 古風' Japanese ambient artist Meitei 冥丁 rounds off an impressive trilogy of albums in which he playfully subverts established norms of the nation’s ancient musical traditions. On 'Kofū 古風' we find flashes of hip-hop rhythms and twitches of drum machines punctuating soundscapes made from haunted, fractured piano chords.

Label: Kitchen. Label

Release Year: 2020

Track List: 

  1. Kintsugi 
  2. Man'yō 
  3. Oiran I 
  4. Sadayakko 
  5. En'nichi 
  6. Nyōbō 
  7. Urameshi-ya 
  8. Oiran II 
  9. Otojirō 
  10. Shōnen 
  11. Kyōshū 
  12. Gen'ei 
  13. Sūki
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